Xtreme Seal ABOUT US

XTREME SEAL ® edge seal is a new, high-tech extrusion engineered and manufactured with the most advanced E.P.D.M.1 material available. The profile of XTREME SEAL ® edge seal is a closed-cell, flexible material that can be glued or sewn to most materials and surfaces. The flexibility and unique design of XTREME SEAL ® edge seal creates a three-point-contact seal on most surfaces.

With XTREME SEAL ® edge seal and our state-of-the-art patent pending seal technology, why compromise your finished product with less efficient, substandard products?

After years of experience with other substandard products, we can now offer you, the craftsman, the most advanced edge-seal product in the industry today, available in black and white.

XTREME SEAL ® edge seal is the perfect choice as an edge seal on all types of custom covers:
  • Convertible tops
  • Side curtains
  • Camper enclosures
  • Windshield tops and sides
  • Front-drop windshields
  • Radar arches
  • Deck seals

Additionally, the unique design and three-point-contact seal of XTREME SEAL ® edge seal is ideal for many common problem areas, such as:
  • Windshield wipers
  • Grab rails
  • Radar arches
  • Compound curves and angles

Imagine the cost savings in labor and materials over vinyl tracking, vinyl welt, Velcro ® flaps, and zippers! XTREME SEAL ® edge seal will make your finished product look professional, with superior performance and less hassle to you and your customers.

New Ultra Seal
This new profile is designed for a great edge seal. Works well with common sense fasteners and gives a flatter finished profile.

New V-Seal
This new edge seal will be the choice for all cutouts and tight corners, also a must for bow covers and radar arch cutouts.

Awning Seal
For the awning manufacture that is looking for the best seal and ease of installation with it's self adhesive back by 3M ®, XTREME SEAL ® A-W is the best answer.

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